Work experience

In 8th grade you usually do a lot of work experience. Have you decided yet what YOU want to try? Where are you going to work? 


What are you going to do in these places? Do you know already? Look up some words and make notes!

Let's have a look at some professions!


Open the file and do the exercise!

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 538.8 KB

Now let's see, what people in these professions do all day. In the next exercises you have to bring the sentences into the correct order. Please do this by drag and drop.

Bring the sentences into the correct order!
HTML Dokument 41.9 KB
HTML Dokument 42.1 KB
HTML Dokument 42.1 KB

And now let's work a bit more on irregular verbs. Follow the link and then do the crossword puzzle: complete the gaps with the 3rd form of the verb. Have fun!